5 Sci-Fi Movies You Need To Watch Right Now

I love Sci-Fi movies or whatever medium awesome Sci-Fi stories are told in, say comics, art and anime. Eventually Science Fiction ponders the idea of what if we mess with science, space and technology. Obviously many times leading to mass destruction but sometimes even beautiful, like that movie ‘Her‘. Many movies from these genres take us to some mystical adventures like ‘Avatar‘ and some just tend to change everything with a exciting wicked story with the help of technology like ‘Inception‘ but these are all popular movies and they are suppose to be known, but there are some movies which are highly underrated but are seriously amazing. Here are five of such brilliant Sci-Fi movies which are not that popular.



In the system where quality of person is identified by the person’s genes, A genetically inferior man assumes the identity of a superior one in order to pursue his lifelong dream of space travel. This is movie from 1997 and is just so underrated even after been based on the idea of genetic engineering. Honestly, our society is obsessed with perfection so much, that it somewhat forgets average humanity which is exactly what the idea the movie tries to portray. An amazing Futuristic tale to watch out for!



You know this movie was based on comic book series Judge Dredd. This movie was also one of the biggest flops of 2012 but unlike that the movie was amazing.

In a dystopian future Earth, Police act as the Judges in the highly criminalized areas so they can quickly make the arrests, determine guilt and then execute the criminal if necessary. Among such judges there is one such judge by the name of Dredd who with his rookie partner Cassandra Anderson who is a mutant with psychic abilities aims to take down the criminal gang which is responsible for distributing a slo-mo drug in the city.

Didn’t that sound awesome, unfortunately hardly anyone watched it!

The Fifth Element


Although I don’t think this movie is that underrated but some folks still don’t know a thing about it. This movie amazingly depicted future and deep galactic beings, as many artists have depicted over time. The story is simple yet interesting, and for the time it was created in you can say visually amazing.

In distant future a cab driver is dragged into a mission to safeguard his planet, along with some interesting characters portrayals. He(cab driver) must collect all the stones and safely align them in a way of some pass-code and along with that the four elements air,water, fire and earth to avoid the destruction.

Along with the story there are few interesting concepts discussed in the movie which add charm to the overall outlook of the movie.

Blade Runner


This movie is again old like from 1982, and has visioned the story in 2019 which you know will be in few years from now if this story depicted in the movie really takes place. In a cyberpunk future humans have started cloning on a large scale to send cloned humans on colonies beyond our planet. Any occurrences of them on Earth is not tolerated. In such situation 4 clones leave their colony and come to our planet. Deckard is a Blade Runner, a cop who specializes in terminating replicates and even in his retirement he is forced to take down those clones. Seems like a interesting story doesn’t it?



Sam Bell has a three year contract to work for Lunar Industries,wherein he as to spend his three years on moon at their lunar station. He is accompanied by GERTY, a AI system whose function is to attend to his day to day needs. The story takes a leap when the three years of lunar stay of Sam is about to end but just before that he discovers something unusual that changes everything. He also comes to realize that his world is not what he thought it was.

Overall an interesting movie, quite a interesting story. You will surely come to like it!

You can as always comment below to tell your favorite Sci-Fi movie!

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