5 Ridiculous Movie Concepts Which Actually Worked

Sometimes ideas don’t seem amazing until and unless you see them in motion. Some of them sound so ridiculous that you would be hell lot of surprised if they would work.

Same goes for Hollywood, there are just so many movies which had amazing concepts but failed terribly in execution but on the contrary there were also movies which had completely ridiculous concepts or premise but they did wonders in the box office.

Like how After Earth was terrible and The Matrix was amazing. Both being Sci-fi movies but one with a good concept and other with a concept that could only could be work with that kind of execution.

So here are some of such movies which I felt sounded totally ridiculous but they nailed it in execution.



Only Christopher Nolan can make movie about people going inside people’s dream and nail it, because he is who is. This movie even if it might sound ridiculous is completely extraordinary and mind twisting.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Imagine a movie about a old guy who is aging backwards and at the end of the movie he becomes a baby and vanishes, doesn’t this sound little boring. I mean you’ll can totally expect this movie to be cheesy but it isn’t. All I can say is it is beautiful. Heck it even won three Oscars.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Star Lord

A movie about a comic book team-up which nobody knew about. I know comic readers knew about it but for a movie the main target audience isn’t just them and if there isn’t proper first day impressions then such movies are ought to suffer. Thanks to Marvel this movie is what it is.



A man falls in love with artificial intelligence, for those who don’t get it — say it was something like Siri but way better. What more could you possible expect in this movie except for a man talking with his phone is a very cheesy way but that’s where it differs. It’s a finely crafted movie, might be not for everyone but fabulous.



It’s a Studio Ghibli film so it is ought to be amazing. Still when you first hear about this movie or watch it’s trailer, you wonder how could this possibly be any good. For starters, it’s a movie about a jellyfish who transforms and lives like a normal human but then it’s all about that Miyazaki’s magic that makes this movie intriguing for both young and adults.

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