5 Popular Fan Theories That Would Blow Your Mind

Fan theories are amazing, they can even be better than the actual stories sometimes. Some can be utter bulshit while others are perfectly crafted.

The Goddess of the Na’vi Brainwashes Jake in Avatar

Avatar Mating

Remember that scene in Avatar where Jake and the alien princess Neytiri get engaged with each other, I mean the scene where both of them connect that hair to the Tree of Voices, one of many spiritual sites on the planet for communicating with Eywa, the spiritual force/neural network that binds every creature on Pandora.

Well, according to this Reddit user, because at that very moment Eywa brainwashes Jake into betraying humans and protecting Pandora.

This just could had happened, I mean right before that engagement happened, Jake was all in with the Military with providing them Intel but after that he turned against them. That’s disturbing.

Harry Potter Could Sacrifice his Ability to Die

harry potter final duel

This is a popular Harry Potter fan theory by Imgur user HPWombat which could had given series much of an appealing ending. ‘Either must die at the hand of other for neither can lives while other survives’ in the book it meant that one of them had to kill each other but what if it actually meant that this was the only way that either one of them could die?

Means that the one who didn’t die couldn’t ever die, this means that by killing Voldemort, Harry would sacrifice his death and on the surface that sounds pretty awesome to be a sacrifice.

Still being immortal he will never have a chance to see his family or friends who have faced death and in this way he will forever be the ‘Boy Who Lived’

Samurai Jack takes place in Post-Apocalyptic Townsville


We all love Samurai Jack, at least I do and just how amazing it was there were quite many references of Post-Apocalyptic Townsville (the town of Powerpuff Girls) even the character designs were strikingly similar.

There was this one episode in Powerpuff Girls where they travel to the future by mistake and they see similar setting as of the post-apocalyptic world seen in Samurai Jack. Still they don’t see Aku there but they learn that world is under Him’s rule

Aku tried to take over Japan but apparently he was defeated by Samurai jack, with little of Aku’s powers still remaining after that defeat he forcefully sent jack to the future.

Aku spent several decades recovering from his wounds and planning his second attack, choosing an out of the way area called Townsville, since the Japanese village would no doubt be prepared for him this time. Taking the guise of Him, Aku discovered the place was protected by the Powerpuff Girls. Though he hadn’t recovered enough of his strength to defeat them, he discovered they were unable to permanently destroy him like Jack’s sword can. As such, he chose to wait the Girls out until he could overpower them and take over.

And then, one day, they simply vanished. With neither the Powerpuff Girls or Samurai Jack around to stop him, Aku/Him took the chance and conquered the world, not even the Girls’ brief return enough to stop him.

The Flintstones and Jetsons are Actually Based in the Same Period


Ever imagined why everybody in Jetsons lives in sky? How the heck can The Flintstones and Jetsons be set in the same era?

According to the theory, both the series are based in the same post-apocalyptic period, it is just the matter of perspective. I mean Jetsons are more like living the way their ancestors lived while improving upon some tech while Flintstones are really trying not to be dependent on technology but rather influenced by it.

That’s the reason why dinosaurs are back cloning to blame, because all the animals got extinct.

James Bond Is a Codename for Different Spies

All Bonds

Anyone could say James Bond is a Time Lord if this isn’t true, basically considering the idea that every James Bond movie exists in the same universe.

Since James Band is a secret agent, his identity cannot be disclosed so British intelligence just label them James Bond as a codename.

The notion is bolstered by actor George Lazenby’s line in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service: “This never happened to the other fellow.” Lazenby was the second actor to play Bond on-screen, taking the mantle from Sean Connery, whom some fans supposed was “the other fellow.”

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