5 New TV Shows From Fall 2014 You Must Not Miss

Starting this Monday(22nd September) your TV will be filled with some new shows and not all of them would be equally  awesome but as a fellow geek I would recommend you watching these bunch of geektastic TV shows.

The Flash

Comic book franchises are quickly been picked by TV networks these days and that’s why many of the DC’s comic book series are getting small screen adaptations. Flash is one of those TV shows, and is quite different from others in a way that Flash has powers which unlike Arrow isn’t just purely strength. One of the interesting things about this show is that the villains are equally powerful. The thing is most of us know who Flash is but those who don’t read comics don’t know his origin story and the type of villains he fights and that is one of the things which makes it interesting.

Z Nation

One can this is SyFy’s answer to The Walking Dead but this series is just more that a ripoff, at least the plot feels like it. I mean the usual action packed horror in a zombie apocalypse is present but the base story is different. A few group of survivors are trying to take only those who are not affected by the zombie-plague from New York to California where a viral lab hopes to turn his blood into a vaccine. What could possibly go wrong during their 3,000-mile journey?


How can I miss this! This story is based in the Batman’s universe and is centered around future Gotham police commissioner Jim Gordon, Gotham marks Fox entry into the comic book craze. Obviously Jim Gordon is quite young and a police detective and along with his partner they investigate the most curious case of murder of the parents of none other than a young Bruce Wayne. The noir crime drama also tells some of the the origin stories of several DC Comics’ villains, including Catwoman, the Penguin, and the Riddler.


Constantine is based upon DC Comic series Hellblazer, and is one of the many comic book adaptations of the fall 2014 season. If you have seen the movie Constantine you might get instantly hooked to this series but the thing is in the movie John Constantine was played by Keanu Reeves and here it is played by Matt Ryan, so that can be a change in the overall feel of the show. For starters John Constantine is a demon hunter and after abandoning his fight against evil he returns again this time to defend humanity from the gathering forces of darkness.


This show is based on the experiences of the real-world genius Walter O’Brien, In Scorpion Walter O’Brien recruits other geniuses to help solve complex, global problems. I mean they take care of certain cases the FBI just can’t handle or figure out. Basically a bunch of hackers fighting crime digitally. As interesting it sounds, hope it turns out in that way too.

Finally I could say that there are many shows upcoming in fall 2014 beyond the ones I mentioned above which are awesome too like that series Selfie, which is about a girl fighting her social addiction or even Jane The Virgin sounds interesting.

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