5 Most Influential Female Anime Characters

Well, the world of anime as we know it, has majority of stories having plots either centered around a male protagonist (mostly action or the sci-fi type), or both male and female protagonist in a romantic setup, or male protagonist with a female semi-protagonist who has feelings for the main i.e the action plus romance combo or a series with a plot centered around a badass female protagonist. So here’s my list on some of the female characters in the anime world who are interesting, dynamic, sexy, can stand out individually in their respective series and had a great impact on anime fans.

Gasai Yuno

Gasai Yuno

Anime: Mirai Nikki

Mirai Nikki is one of the most famous anime series in the world and for this the whole and sole credit goes to Gasai Yuno. This character is just an epic one and is prone to keep a lasting impression on the minds of many anime fans (I truly mean those words). Never doubted your girlfriend? You will surely do after watching this anime. This character gives a perfect example of the never judge a book by its cover quote. The otherwise smart, beautiful and an ideal student revealed her true colors once the game for the next god begins. She is just plain psycho. She is beyond comparison to any other character of the anime world of that type. Insanely in love with the protagonist Amano Yukiteru, Yuno is ready to kill for her love. She is just obsessed with him and her thoughts turn murderous when she senses a threat to Yukiteru or their relationship. She is willing to do anything to get what she wants or what ‘Yukki’ wants. She even caged her own parents and starved them to death. Even her diary is known as the ‘Yukiteru diary’ which keeps a track of Yukiteru’s Future. She carries a box cutter with her everywhere, but also uses dangerous weapons available at her disposal. But eventually all she wants is a perfect relationship with Yukki. In the end she even killed herself when confronted by Yukiteru to make him the next god. But the climax sound of Gasai Yuno calling ‘Yukki’ still echoes in the minds of many anime fans.

Mikasa Ackerman


Anime: Attack On Titan

Mikasa Ackerman is the adoptive sister of the protagonist Eren Jeager. After her real parents were slaughtered in front of her eyes in a failed kidnapping attempt, Mikasa was adopted by the Jeager family. She became cold hearted, not showing any emotions at all. With the further incidents of titans breaching the walls and destroying the Jeager family, she remembers Eren’s heroics and swears to protect him from all sorts of danger and always stand by his side. Being the best in the cadet class, Mikasa is considered the best of the survey corps considering her genius, skills and abilities. She is really strong willed, has a great sense of right and wrong and is never seen to lose her cool or be at a negative situation. But her decisions are mostly influenced by Eren because she thinks she owes her life to him. She even joined the survey corps for keeping an eye on Eren and keeping him safe as he is the only family she has left. Even though she is kind of cold hearted, stoic and level headed on the outside, Mikasa loves and cares deeply for Eren and their friend Armin. She is willing to face death if it is for his sake and also smilingly accept it as long as he is safe. So owing to her amazing work in the anime Mikasa earns a spot in the list.



Anime: Clannad: After Story

Well there will be hardly any anime fan who doesn’t know this anime and this character in particular. She is just plain kawaii. The child of Nagisa Furukawa and Okazaki Tomoyo took center stage in the latter installation of the Clannad franchise. Her smile, her innocent look, happy face, crying face almost everything she did was loved immensely by anime fans who followed the Clannad series. Her kawaii character can melt even the coldest hearts. It would be safe to say that the second half of after story was almost completely based on Ushio. Let me remind you something, it was only after the death of Nagisa and introduction of Ushio, that made the fans experience the feelings that it is widely known for. The final stages of the series left many fans drowned in tears So that’s the reason why Ushio makes it to my list.

Faye Valentine

Anime: Cowboy Bebop

Anime: Cowboy Bebop

Voted as one of the sexiest female character in the anime world, Faye valentine is one reason why fans love this anime. With her revealing yellow attire, black suspenders, a red shirt worn through the sleeves and her signature headband she appears immensely attractive, super hot and super sexy. She is what we can say what an actual babe should look like. For this she takes plenty of time to maintain and care for her own appearance.
In addition to her sexy appearance she is an amazing character. She knows her way around firearms. Her primary weapon of choice being a Glock 30 which she is normally seen with. She is also very adept at flying. With her origins unknown, her character is lazy, egoistic, self dependent, sarcastic and with a not-trusting-others type attitude which eventually changes as the series nears its end. She is rarely seen in need of any help but you will surely see her handcuffed on the ship many a times. So with her sexy appearance plus her gun skills plus her badass personality this kickass character makes her way in my list.



Anime: Black Lagoon

The short tempered, violent, emotionless, foul mouthed female character from the action series makes it to no. 5 on my list. Her Lagoon company group is a gun for hire, hired by several criminal organizations to smuggle merchandise between them. Two hand as she is famously known for her ability to use guns in both hands pretty efficiently is one of the most badass character in the anime world. Being the main character of the series she is pretty much the opposite of other protagonists in the anime world. She is rude, sarcastic, merciless and a bit psychotic. She mostly seems normal or happy when she has her firearms glazing. Living in a surrounding mostly filled with ready-to-kill people and criminals, you will mostly find Revy shooting people without a second thought. A little provocation is what she needs to start emptying her magazines. But even though with such a personality she still trusts and respects her companions, that’s enough to put her on anyone’s list.

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  • Ayumi Kuronuma

    Really? This was the best your list could do?
    Have you even watched GITS?

  • Uddhav Rasam

    @ayumikuronuma:disqus had this thought while writing this but according to my opinion I found revy more influential as an individual. Given the fact she has a badass attitude and personality. And secondly she is not a cyborg.

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