5 Distinct Superman Mini-Series You Have to Read ASAP

Superman is one of my favorite Superhero in a plethora of comic book heroes. He is almost immortal and is amazingly powerful. It’s because of Superman that today Superhero genre has established a primacy in comics. Superman first appeared in Action Comics #1 (June 1938) and since then he is just wildly popular.

Sure, there is his usual comic series but if you want to read some amazingly distinct stories then you gotta check out these Mini-Series.

Superman: Birthright

Superman: Birthright

Superman Birthright has the best origin story of Superman. The basic story is still intact but the way they have expanded it is what makes this amazing. Something like Clark Kent going to Africa for his Reporter assignments is not often seen. This series also lays deeper roots for other key Superman characters like Lex Luthor. Heck even the artwork is refreshingly distinct.

Superman: Red Son

Red Son

In an alternate universe, Superman lands in Soviet Russia instead of US and everything take a different turn. This series is like nothing you might have ever read before. Just imagine here Batman join forces with Lex Luthor or Lex Luthor finding the Green Lantern in Mexico, crazy right. Well there are a lot more surprises waiting for you.

All-Star Superman

All-Star Superman

All Star Superman shows you a completely different side of Superman. It’s about the last days of Superman and how he completes his lifelong wishes and does what he does best. It is a remarkably amazing story where there is less action and more of an emotional setback. And this comes from the minds of Grant Morrison.

Superman: Speeding Bullets

Superman: Speeding Bullets

Ever wondered, “What if Batman had Superpowers?” Well DC has got you covered on this. Speeding Bullets is set in the alternative universe where Superman is adopted by the Wayne family instead of the Kent. After his parents death, Superman trains to becomes the vigilante of Gotham. Its interesting to see Superman take on Batman villains.

Superman: Secret Identity

superman secret identity

In a reality where Superheroes exist only in comics, David and Laura Kent, a farm couple living in a small town called Picketsville, Kansas, name their child Clark, after the fictional character, Superman. So basically here Clark Kent is not from Krypton but he is an ordinary human who soon discovers he has powers like Superman. Kind of a treat for fans in a way that makes them think what if they had these powers.

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