7 Comic Book Heroes Who Deserve A Movie Franchise

When we see the famous Superhero movies, we know that there is going to be a rather popular comic book character in it. Although it make sense to consider heroes from the best selling or popular comic book franchise, after all they are doing business here but nevertheless once in a while if they consider some interesting comic book heroes, they can also expect some impact. Now that there are many comic book Movies/TV shows scheduled to release I can say that this can be perfect time to understand the worth of the not so popular heroes from comic books. Like I never thought that Arrow would turn out such a success or even that Antman movie, no one saw it coming. Anyways here are some Comic Book heroes which I think deserve a Movie.



There are many origin stories for Nightwing, relating to Superman & Batman but one depicted in Son of Batman is I guess the one which should be depicted on the big-screen. I mean if you are not into comics you might actually find him awesome from the popular DC game Injustice: Gods Among Us. He is the also the precursor to Batman so you know he is going to be awesome.

Wonder Woman


I know that she is already filling in Batman v. Superman but a solo movie is always awesome. I guess the one which kind of exploits her origins, still keeping it less mythological.  As continuing to discuss Greek gods and fights with Ares is a recipe for box office disaster that will turn off people faster than you can say Green Lantern. I know Marvel has done a brilliant job with Thor but as you know its not always not going to work. So in all she truly deserves a movie but the story also needs to be well scripted and imagined so as to keep people into it.



Before even I read this character’s comic book AI was glued to its animated series which aired on Cartoon Network back in time. I can say that this was one awesome series. He is like Electro of DC universe only here he is a good guy who has the power to control electricity and magnetism. He’s an honor roll student, he’s popular, he learns to understand his new powers, and he wisecracks as he takes down the super powered criminals created by the same accident as him, this seems like a working formula for box office. This could turn out to be DC’s equivalent to Spider-Man.

Silver Surfer


No, not the way he was depicted in Fantastic Four but the way he is awesome. If you have read his Comic Book series or even watched his animated series, you will know that his origin story is awesome, an alien from the planet Zenn-La with the power to manipulate cosmic energy granted to him by his former master Galactus who also is kind of his big nemesis (in a way) sounds like a winner to me.

Moon Knight

moon knight

He is kind of like the Batman, Nope in every sense but you can call him equivalent to him. I mean he has no major powers except resistance to some psychic assaults but is equally skilled physically and has a very capable intelligence. Like Batman he also ventures in the night. Only key differentiator is that he comes from the house of Marvel and yeah the origin story is totally different. He is one of the most lesser known heroes from the Marvel universe. I think this can work pretty well.

Iron Fist

iron fist

He is immortal, the one who wield his powers against the one who deserve it through his anger and energy into his fist. Beyond that he also has some amazing abilities in martial arts. His origin story would make a awesome movie. Although there are speculations that Marvel is already planing a Iron Fist movie nothing is clear yet. If true he can make into a unique action movie.

Black Panther


Marvel is entering into a interesting phase with making a Ant-Man movie also there is speculation that they might also add solo films for the Hulk and Black Widow, but many fans are also fascinated by the prospect of a Black Panther film as well. He is alter ego of T’Challa & has some amazing powers like, super-strength, good reflexes, resistance to magic & Genius-level intellect are a bunch from awesome others. This character can easily fit into the current Marvel cinematic universe making is one of the core reasons to consider. I think this can even do better that many Marvel movies planned.

Although I was supposed to add Deadpool & Flash to this list they are anyways soon going to get solo movies which are confirmed by the respected studios. I think even Dr. Strange can easily add up to the list but it also confirmed come. Leaving me with your choices I know many of you might have different heroes in mind, tell me heroes you think deserve a movie.

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