10 Best Superpowers That You Would Love To Have

Superpowers make our Superheroes more awesome and I am not talking about using some gadgets and mental tactics to be a hero but like real Goodly powers which anyone would love to have. Most of the Super Powers I have considered here are inherited from Comic Books but there are other mediums too which I have considered like video games, TV, and movies.

Self Healing

Wolverine self healing

This is probably one of the powers which I think every Superhero must have, considering the amount of impact they have to bear like in the case of Wolverine, his blades are sure a thing complimented by his fighting skills but he didn’t had this self healing ability then I don’t think so he will last longer in any fight. Just Imagine now, If you acquire this power man you will be unbeatable, considering the fact you heal faster. If you are in Army or any such combat this power is something that you would wish to have, as this  would keep you off the disabled list permanently.


Teleportation Nightcrawler

Who wouldn’t want to go to places with just a zap. At this moment you are over here and at this moment you are over there. Although which fighting a Super villain you would also need some reflexes combined with this power as most of the time while fighting you will need to hop to different places considering the attack. In real world you could save a hell lot of money while transporting. You could travel the wold or even enjoy long distance relationships without any problems.


Tetsuo from Akira

With this power you can control physical objects as well as people with just your mind. Like how cool it would be like you could just sit on the sofa and get the bottle of beer from the fridge without even touching of using one person to slap your enemy(That would be epic!) and all this with just the power of your mind. The best part in many cases people will not know that you are doing this to them so you would be clean chit. Just keep in mind this requires a lot focus.

Super Speed

Flash Super Speed
You could run like flash, over wall, over water or just complete a round of this planet within a instance. You would run so fast that you would not even be clearly visible to people unless someone uses Super Slow Motion camera. Best thing is that you will never be late again.

Shape Shifting


You can resemble any person, object or animal. This is an endlessly useful power in the real world. Imagine yourself getting all the attention walking as a celebrity around the town. You can even be a intruder in some secret operation and no one will ever know or you can turn into a animal just for fun for scaring the shit out of your friends.

Controlling Electricity

Electro can control electricity

The only thing I like about the new Spider-man movie is Electro, Just imagine shooting bolts of lightning out of your fingers, sounds like pure evil doesn’t it! That said you could be productive too like lighting up entire house and never caring about bills and you could even use it to ride from one place to another, just how cool is that.

Super Strength

Super Powerful Hancock

Gone are the days when you are bullied by others because now they would know that they have got a badass over here. Even small things like opening a jar, lifting that heavy thing would never be tough. Even in the time of crisis like a accident where you need to rip off the door of that car or just stopping that freaking plane from crashing, this is the power you would need.

Power Stealing


Absorbing the power of something like toughness of metal or absorbing it from someone say Superman will always be awesome. No doubt this is one of the coolest powers you could have, for the fact that it implies you’ve got the possibility to have any super power you desire. Just imagine yourself stealing the abilities from people who are good than you.

Time Manipulation

Prince Of Persia Time Travel

Imagine if the average person had the ability to turn back time and do things over again like in Prince of Persia, you could win endless amount of lotteries even prevent that thing you would like to from past. Time travel is one of the greatest fantasies of all. Only if you could, you can go in the future and get a glimpse of all the awesome future technology or just in case you are too young seeing your future wife and acting accordingly to get a better one if you want.


Flying Super Heoes

Even if this power is not as elaborately amazing as all of the above, this is one super power we all want to have from the moment we see birds or plane. Just imagine how cool it would be to defy gravity and fly high off in the air, or just imagine that you would never be stuck in traffic jams again. Best part you can explore the unknown.

Did I missed something noteworthy, well you can always comment below to tell which power do you think you need!

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